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Turku Christmas & Naantali Christmas

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The city of Turku, on the western coast of Finland, has long traditions of Christmas celebrations. This might sound strange to you since Turku is nowhere near the north of Finland, but Turku, as the oldest city in Finland, has for centuries been a filter of Christmas traditions coming from all over Europe and integrating them further into Finnish culture. The Turku area features a series of events ranging from the Old Tyme Christmas Market to the Knut’s Day Carnival. One of the most popular events is the Saint Lucia’s day on December 13th. The oldest tradition by far is the Declaration of Christmas Peace. This Declaration has being read from the Old Great Square in Turku since the Middle Ages. When it comes to Naantali, located 20 km from Turku in Finland, this little town is also attractive during the winter time with its old wooden houses. More information: Turku, the Christmas city of Finland

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